The Museum bears the name of the Roman-age settlement called Matrica (pronounce: ma:trika) that was located on the area of the present town of Százhalombatta. In the museum, besides scientific research and rescue excavation, there are scientific and public education lectures, museo-pedagogical classes, playhouse and craft learning activities connected to the exhibitions. The Archeological Park is unique of its kind, with burial mounds raised in the early Iron-age, authentically reconstructed Bronze- and Iron Age settlements with real houses, outbuildings and tools.

St Martin concert

January 4, 2014 (Saturday), 19:00
New concert with old friends!  21st album!

St. Martin & Syrinx


October 1-3. 2014.

This year the Environmental Archaeological Education Days is to take place again in the "Matrica" Museum of Százhalombatta.  The program provides interesting topics for university students of archaeology and those who are interested.

Piece of Art of the month
Sculpture of the musician blowing double whistle from Százhalombatta
Sculpture of the musician blowing double whistle from Százhalombatta

The little, approx. 8 cm tall bronze sculpture is a special element of the music history of early iron age in Europe. 

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